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Elizabeth Hahn

Dear Julia
Many thanks for a fun day in your kitchen. My friends and I were delighted with our lunchtime adventure.
The whole experience was top printed, food trays well organized and your impeccable sense of timing!
Each recipe was delicious. We look forward to sharing with friends throughout the summer.

Thanks Julia. We all loved the food and thoroughly enjoyed spending time with you. You are so very talented at what you do. We all think that you work very hard so that others are free to enjoy. Much appreciated.

Adele Woolfe

August 15th, 2018 18:35


What an amazing way to spend an evening.
You have definitely not seen the last of me... or the others too I'm sure.
It was perfection from start to finish!
Thank you so much.
I will look forward to the next...
Have a happy holiday...
Kind regards,


December 7th 2018 12:21

Julia - That was a great day today! We all really enjoyed it and the food was divine!

Mary Macdonald

June 4th, 2019, 14:42

Roz Pett

Thank you dear are the best.

My 3 lovelies were as charmed by you and thrilled with the experience, as I never fail to be.Thank you for the complementary treat, very much appreciated!
      Till next time ....Hugs Roz