About Me

When I was twenty years old, in 1980, I went to Paris. I learned to cook from passionate chefs and was immersed in a culture that truly appreciated the experience of eating.

After I trained at a cooking school in Paris I started to cook on a barge boat on the Seine. When I returned a year later to Toronto I continued my passion for cooking. I started my own catering business with the mentorship of more a experienced cook and family friend.

I went on to cater independently while I raised my three children in Kitchener-Waterloo. I made myself mostly available for big parties around Christmas and board room lunches throughout the year so that it would best fit the schedule of a busy family. My children would come to be my sous chefs or serve for the bigger 100 plus parties I catered.

Once my children were in their teens I travelled to New York City to take courses in Food Styling. This merged my creativity and eye for the right plating with my love for food. I freelanced as a Food Stylists and worked with major companies and local photographers.

Which brings me to now, teaching cooking classes in my home I have curated for 25 years. I welcome you to join me in my home; a comfortable, inspiring space to live and work in.